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How Not To PR A Half Marathon: Bonnie Lang Podcast

Guess who has electricity!? This girl. Sadly, we still don’t have internet. Luckily, we have a great coffee shop right down the road. You know what? Living without power really wasn’t that bad. I mean, sure… not having hot water sucked majorly, but aside from that Dan and I actually enjoyed the camping food (this […]

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Podcast: Top Workout Must Haves, Fit Besties Quiz & TMI Talk

“This might be TMI, but…” When Alex and I have our workout dates we share a lot! Those words are guaranteed to come out at least once every time we’re together. Girl time is the best. Now that we’ve done this podcast thing together a few times, we’re really getting into a groove and letting […]

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Podcast: Meet & Greet With My Training Partner

Okay, so you guys know by now that I workout with my friend, Alex, every week. In fact, 2 times a week (Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings)! We’ve been meeting consistently since I convinced her to do the Strong First Tactical Strength Challenge with me. We trained together for the months leading up to the […]

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