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Loving Your Body Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint {Podcast}

No, this is not the start of a steamy romance novel… I pull my shirt off, toss it on the floor at my feet. Next, the sports bra (because let’s face it, I wear a real bra like once a month) comes off. At this point, I would stop for a mirror check. Just a […]

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Fitness Progress Halted? Are You Suffering From The Jill Of All Trades Syndrome

When someone says they’re into fitness, what does that mean? There are tons and tons of categories that fit into the exercise world, and more becoming available each year. Are they into running? Climbing? Crossfit? Barre? Boot camp? Lifting? Yoga? Spinning? Triathlon? Swimming? Basketball? Tennis? TRX? Kettlebells? The list can go on and on, the […]

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I’ve Got A Podcast For That

Happy Monday! Is school kicking back in today where you are? Even though we don’t have kids, it affects EVERYONE! Bring on the school traffic. I’ll miss the quiet mornings and lack of school busses but wish everyone a fantastic first week back! And I loved waking up to see all of my friends’ kids […]

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