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What The Fitness Is Going On In The News!?

Here is something news worthy… my calves are out to get me! They have been cramping left and right, and I have NO IDEA what the heck is going on. Hopefully extra foam-rolling, massages and hydration will allow them to take a chill pill before my race this weekend! Okay, I don’t really thing that […]

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White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Smoothie & Historic 9 Miler

{Note: I wrote this post before heading out on the run, however it just didn’t happen, so it’s getting posted up right afterwards with some fun bonuses} White Chocolate macadamia nut cookies are my all time favorite, so when I made a shake that reminded me of the cookie, I could not wait to share […]

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Wanna Be Smart For Life? Protein Bar Review!

I love receiving packages… especially when I forget that I am expecting something! The other day I came home with a package from the nice people at Smart For Life, they had been thoughtful enough to send me a few of their protein bars to try out. Never one to refuse to try a new […]

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Whey Protein That Doesn’t Taste Like Chalk

Finding a good whey protein is like finding a great pair of jeans… they’re hard to find, they either don’t look right, don’t fit right, or just don’t feel right, but when you find that one pair that goes “Ahhh, perfect” you hold on to them and just buy the same pair in different colors. […]

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