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Quick But Not Sweet Push-Up Challenge Workout

I learned a very valuable lesson this week: **Don’t try to film a workout after an hour of bouldering.** Its funny how sometimes you’re on fire and feeling like a beast and the next you want to cry like a little girl because you can’t muster a single rep when you know you should. You […]

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Three Workouts To Improve Your Push-Ups Fast

I have a challenge for you… Set a timer for 60 seconds and see how many squats you can do. Then, reset the timer and see how many push-ups you can do. Now compare that number. I’m going to guess the squats out number the push-ups pretty significantly. I’m also going to assume that for […]

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February’s Challenge: Let’s Split Challenge

It’s the big day… the day to sign up for this months challenge that will kick off tomorrow (Monday)! Remember that if you completed January’s Challenge to let me know in the comments of Friday’s post. I’ll announce a winner tomorrow! I know you’re shaking in your seat right now, right? Or is that just […]

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35 Push-Up Variations To Make A Boring Old Push-Up Come To Life

If you workout and never do push-ups, you’re doing a disservice to your body. You don’t have to be in the army, navy, or marines to “pump out 20” and gosh darn it, from time to time you should do just it. Let’s face it… push-ups can get monatonous and every once in a while […]

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How To Have The Sexiest Arms For Your Date Tonight

Call me crazy, but it’s not a strange occurance to walk into my house and see me doing push-ups on the floor before getting dressed for an event (yup, just in my bra and panties). Have you ever noticed that your body looks more toned right after a workout? Well, it’s not a figment of […]

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