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This Or That Quiz

It’s already Friday! Man, oh Man, short weeks are the best. Even though short, our week was still filled with chaos and productivity. I forgot to share this picture earlier this week, but it’s never too late. On Monday, we hosted a Labor Day Workout at the gym. Check out this turnout! It was huge […]

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Quiz Me: Let’s Get To Know Each Other Better!

Hello peeps! I hope you had a fabulous week, I am finally feeling on the mend. This whole being sick thing really sucks! Especially when I have plans for the entire weekend. I was getting a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be well enough to race this weekend but it looks as if the trail […]

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I Mustache You Some Questions {Quiz}

Good-bye Charleston! We are headed to the mountains. And possibly some snow. But let’s not talk about that as we’re a bit nervous about driving a stick shift Mazda 3 into a blizzard. Just keep your fingers crossed and perhaps say a little prayer. This is the big weekend! I can’t wait to share our […]

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Friday Fun: 25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I’ve seen this list popping up on several of my fellow blogger’s sites and decided it would be a fun change up for a Friday post! I know that it was an outlined post with specific ideas for each fact, but I’m breaking the rules and sharing a few things with you that I think […]

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Holiday Favorites {Quiz} & Memories

Happy Saturday! I don’t know about where you are but it seems that winter decided to show up just in time for Christmas. Last week we were blessed with temperatures in the low – mid 70s; starting yesterday we are lucky if we see the 50s. Which of course means that today’s morning run was […]

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