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Running Survey: How I Run!

Whoo Hoo! It’s Friday. Source And we’re not traveling!? I’m pretty stoked. As much as I love weekend adventures, it’s nice to be in my own bed, with my animals, relaxing. Though, I’m not sure how much relaxing will take place. This weekend is our Annual Summer Field Day… all of our boot camps come […]

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Is It Okay To Run & Lift On The Same Day And Still Get Results?

Have you ever wondered if by running and doing a strength workout on the same day, you may be compromising your strength gains or your endurance? If you haven’t before, I bet that just made an “huh… “ moment occur, right? As a runner, I have often wondered if strength training on the same day […]

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Battle Of The Sexes: Women Are Better At Pacing Then Men

Thank you for all of the birthday love yesterday! Y’all know how to make a girl feel loved! I am extremely excited for what 31 holds, the goals we have, and the unexpected surprises along the way! While yesterday was pretty much full of work, we celebrated Easter and my birthday with an early morning […]

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