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10 Rules You Need To Follow If You’re Dating or Married To A Runner

2004(ish)… That was the year my feet hit the ground running. And except for a few setbacks over the years, they haven’t stopped. Of course the time I dedicate to pounding the pavement has fluctuated depending on goals and life. But no matter how busy life got or where my goals were… fitting in a run […]

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Heel Strike Vs Forefoot Strike: How Should You Land When Running?

Democrat vs Republican… CrossFit vs the fitness world… Pose Method vs Chi Running vs just running… Each of these are passionate groups of people. So passionate in fact, most of the members will defend their camp’s view no matter what. I think this blog post, which is really more of a discussion, will show this. No matter […]

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Running Survey: How I Run!

Whoo Hoo! It’s Friday. Source And we’re not traveling!? I’m pretty stoked. As much as I love weekend adventures, it’s nice to be in my own bed, with my animals, relaxing. Though, I’m not sure how much relaxing will take place. This weekend is our Annual Summer Field Day… all of our boot camps come […]

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