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21 John Muir Quotes To Make Anyone Want To Take A Walk In The Autumn Woods

This past weekend, I experienced something new. Fall. I’ve seen pictures of gorgeous fall leaves, with golden hues and firey reds. Yet, I can’t remember seeing these colors in person (Charleston goes from green to brown). A part of me thought that these pictures were doctored. A bit photoshopped to exaggerate the beauty of fall. […]

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Dear Gym, I Need Some Space

                                          June 15, 2013     Lately I have felt some tension between the two of us. I am sure you’ve felt it as well, probably thinking you were being paranoid. But it’s true. I walk […]

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Why I Became A Sergeant Of A Boot Camp

I received an email this morning asking for an explanation of my boot camp. This isn’t the first one, in fact it’s one of dozens that I receive. So it only makes sense that I give a clear idea of what my boot camp is and what you can expect if you try one that […]

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Charleston: Sexiest City In The Country

Time Magazine just released an awesome article on the sexiest city in the entire country…. you’d probably think it would be someplace like Miami, LA, or New York, right? But you’d be wrong because it is Charleston, SC! This just happens to be the city that I was born and raised and where I currently […]

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