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Why You Should NEVER Want To LOSE Weight – Yes I Am Serious

When I say the following sentences, let me know what emotions are conjured up. Losing keys. Your favorite sports team losing. Losing a job. Losing a loved one. Let me guess… These all brought upon feelings of frustration, disappointment and sadness? To think about losing anything immediately brings up negative emotions. Except for weight loss.

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Learning To Rid Ugly Thoughts: What’s Beautiful About You?

When you look in the mirror what do you see? More appropriately, what do you think to yourself about the reflection looking back? For many of us, we see the things we want to change. After all, women love to compare bodies and then dream about wanting to change. – We want to change the […]

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Top 10 Thursday: 10 Ways To Verbally Pump Yourself Up

We all have our own special ways to get ready for something. Some of us stay extremely quiet to get “in the zone”, some of us turn into Chatty Cathies on acid, and some of us practice self talk. Everyone is different. Personally, for me, it depends on the event. For races or competitions, I […]

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I’m A Big Fat Fatty McFatterson: Why You Sabotage Your Own Results

Over 90% of women have issues with their bodies. That’s normal, we’re human and we are always our own worst enemies. No matter how often our husband tells us we are beautiful or we receive compliments from friends, we always have a twinge of self-doubt… do they mean it? Do they not see what I […]

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