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20 On The Go Snack Recipes You Won’t Feel Guilty About

Eating healthy meals is easy. We can plan it out and mentally prepare for grilled chicken and vegetable loaded plates. It’s snacking that gets hard. When you first decide to clean up your diet, do you ever fall victim to the, “I’m not going to snack” attitude? Sounds wonderful until 3pm rolls around. Your stomach […]

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Just Right Trail Mix Granola Squares #Vegan #GlutenFree

Last week I started to feel a slight scratch in my throat, more of a nuisance than anything. I had just gotten home from the mountains and both my mom and sister in law were feeling under the weather. I kept my fingers crossed that my body would fight off what they were dealing with. […]

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Monkey In The Middle Workout & Snack Time {Vlog}

Happy Monday. It’s Monday already? The weekend flew by, especially since I was up early both mornings trying to knock off things on my to do list. One of those things of course was this week’s episode of the Lifting Revolution Fitness & Nutrition Show! It was so amazing this weekend (as documented here), that […]

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I Almost Lost My Breakfast After 20 Min Into The Workout

Dan and I just got back from vacation which was great. I took the week to let my body rest even though we were definitely always on the go… hiking, rafting, golfing, you name it. But I kept my promise to stay out of the gym and away from the weights. I didn’t think much […]

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Buying Local

So for some reason I have been putting off buying local produce. I occasionally buy local shrimp but only if it is offered at whichever grocery store I am shopping at. I guess, I was thinking what’s the difference between getting my fruit and vegetables off the grocery shelves, it always looks fresh right? I […]

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