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Shamrock Shufflin’ & Leprechaun Layered Parfait {Vegan}

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Are you sporting something green? Being that Dan is Irish and all (at least his last name says he is), we always do a little something for St Patty’s. Normally, that something includes grabbing a Guiness and eating some Irish-inspired meal. Last year, it was stuffed cabbage, this year… I am […]

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A Partner In Crime & A Killer Soup Recipe!

Good morning! I have some very big and exciting news which I am just dancing in my chair to share with you. But before I do, I have got to share a new soup recipe. For the past few weeks I lost a bit of my cooking drive, I guess coming home at 9pm will […]

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Top Ten Thursday: Top 10 Reasons To Destroy My Wedding Dress

How’s that for a blog post heading? A few days ago I posted up on Facebook that I registered for the Color Me Rad Race. It’s a 5K race where at certain markers they toss colored corn starch on you as you run by. By the end of the race you’re one big colored mess. […]

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