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You Can’t Just Be A “Natural” Athlete, Or Can You?

“Oh, look at her run… she’s a natural.” Have you ever had that thought? Not necessarily with running but with any activity. Rationalizing that someone (other than yourself) is good at something from the get go, as if they were born to excel at a given sport or activity. I know I have. But is it […]

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Study Finds Fit Kids Are Smarter Kids

Happy Friday! We’ve made it through another week. And while I hate to rush time, it means that we’re one more week closer to Christmas. Whoopeee! Yesterday morning I finished just about all of my shopping. I only have one more thing to pick up for Dan and a few little gifts for the other […]

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A How To Guide To Enjoy Working Out & PGA Championship Fun

If you visited yesterday, you saw that Dan and I enjoyed the day out on the golf course. But not just any golf course, the Ocean Course at Kiawah, at the PGA Championship. While that’s clearly BIG news, let’s get down to business first. Then PGA fun! If You Don’t Like It Then You’re Not […]

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