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50K Race Weekend Is Here & Workouts Of The Week

The time has come! Time to pull the laces tight on my LA Sportivas Make a few peanut butter everything bagel thin sandwiches Toss a few dates in some snack bags and… Conquer the Quest For The Crest 50K. Well, hopefully conquer. The race is Sunday but Dan, my mom and I are loading up […]

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Is It Okay To Run & Lift On The Same Day And Still Get Results?

Have you ever wondered if by running and doing a strength workout on the same day, you may be compromising your strength gains or your endurance? If you haven’t before, I bet that just made an “huh… “ moment occur, right? As a runner, I have often wondered if strength training on the same day […]

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Kettle Cookin’: Why Kettlebells Aren’t Comparable To Dumbbells

I mentioned that Dan surprised me on my birthday earlier this month with several kettlebells. It might seem a strange gift to some, but for this fitness freak I was in heaven. In fact, in just the 3 weeks since my birthday, we’ve added a few more to our collection. When kettlebells first came out […]

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