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Why Having Bad Workouts Are Awesome <-- REALLY!

Happy Monday! How was the weekend? What did you do? I had a super a productive weekend (see below), and I am jazzed for a great week! I’m sure if I stop for a second I’ll realize how tired I am but for now I am riding high on adrenaline and goals! When The Adrenaline […]

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How You Can Have The Confidence To Increase Your Strength

Thank you for all your get well messages to Dan yesterday. Over the past 2 days his arm has begun to regain some range of motion, so we’re hoping he is on the fast track to recovery! While he’s been unable to play around with his workouts lately, I’ve been going strong. Having the knowledge […]

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Friendly Friday: Sore Today Strong Tomorrow Workout

I got the best workout top when I was in Utah. I know it might sound silly, but every time my workout got really tough the other day, I would look down at my shirt, smile, and push ahead. Pushing outside of our comfort zones (beyond the burn and pounding heart) is the only way […]

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