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What I’m Loving Lately: I’m Having An Affair

It’s Friday! And guess what? I’m feeling so much better! Thank you for all your get well wishes. They definitely helped. I’m looking forward to some light exercise this weekend to help get the final kinks worked out. Plus I am going stir crazy from my lack of movement these past few days. I’m tired […]

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Get Buzzed Before Your Next Workout: Coffee’s Affect On Speed, Strength, & Pain

Drinking coffee for an extra boost of energy… Enjoying a bag full of cherries for muscle soreness… Eating beets to run further… You’ve seen stories pop up over the years about “miracle” foods helping to improve overall fitness and recovery. But Is It Really Possible To Get Performance Benefits From Food? There have been several academic […]

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Athletic Greens: Green “Supplements” A Waste Of Money?

  TGIF… Thank Goodness It’s FOOD! Yup, it’s the second part of the Lifting Revolution’s Fitness & Nutrition Show. If you missed the Fitness portion from Monday, check out the killer butt workout and give it ago this weekend! But (no pun intended), today we’re focusing on nutrition. Because you can’t be strong and healthy […]

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What’s Wrong With Our Health Care? Doctors.

First off, I am fully aware that there are lots of things wrong with our health care system in America. I worked for a nonprofit breast center for years and saw first hand just how corrupt things are in terms of it. Talking about health care and popular  (yet unnecessary) medical practices in America today […]

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Bitter Orange And Your Weight Loss

Since the FDA banned ephedra in weight loss supplements, drug companies have been looking for substitutes to make sure their profits continue to climb. Lets not forget that weight loss supplements are a billion dollar industry so I am sure companies cried hard when the FDA finally took a stand against ephedra. But the sting […]

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