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Lately I’ve Been…

You guys know I love a good survey. Sometimes I just enjoy sitting and chatting with you, getting to know you better. And I hope you do as well. I saw this on Tina’s blog awhile ago and thought it would be a fun way to wrap up the week. Lately, I’ve Been… Making: Everything. I’m […]

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Running Survey: How I Run!

Whoo Hoo! It’s Friday. Source And we’re not traveling!? I’m pretty stoked. As much as I love weekend adventures, it’s nice to be in my own bed, with my animals, relaxing. Though, I’m not sure how much relaxing will take place. This weekend is our Annual Summer Field Day… all of our boot camps come […]

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You Ask & I Promise To Answer

Today is a simple post because I want to make YOU the highlight of it. My friend Lindsay did one similar not long ago and it has been something on my mind, so she inspired me to move forward! You already know that I am an open book, but now I need you to be. […]

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Your Last Chance Survey

On the agenda right after I finish this post is to head out the door for a run. I am pretty pumped because this week on the workout front has sucked! I hate being sick and that stomach bug took a lot out of me. Everytime I thought I was better, I would try and […]

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