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This Time We Succeeded: Our New Gym & Taking Time Off

Happy Monday! Right now there is a good chance that Dan and I are flying high in the sky. We’re off to Philly to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws and sister-in-law. We’re thrilled to spend the week with family but also to take a step back from work. We’ve been extremely stressed and busy these […]

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Why I Won’t Do A Detox Diet After Thanksgiving… EVER

Happy Monday! After 7 days of being on a wonderful vacation with family, I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine. And really buckling down before Christmas. Our time at Kiawah was amazing. I slept in, enjoyed coffee while looking out at the gorgeous marsh lands, I exercised each morning, and hung out with […]

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Today I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends!! Let’s appreciate this day and share in the excitement of knowing that it’s now okay to sing Christmas songs out loud! I’m going to keep this post extremely short because it’s all about being surrounded by friends and family, I plan to shut off from the online world […]

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Burn Off The Cocktails Workout

I’ve been busy soaking up some quality time with family. It’s been wonderful! Good company, food and of course cocktails. Luckily, we’re a fitness loving family so it hasn’t been a week of putting our butts on the couch and not moving. My SIL asked me Monday to take her to the gym for a […]

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It’s Okay To Be Thankful But Not Content With Life

This is the week where we all look in the mirror and thank God (or whoever) for what we’re grateful for. It’s the time where we realize how much we take for granted and how truly special/blessed we all are. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs all we really require, in order, is: Physiological needs […]

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