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Podcast: Wisdom For Weight Loss From 2 Women Who Lost Over 150 Pounds

Stranger danger! I remember when Dan’s best friend’s son yelled this to Dan. It was hilarious. And sure, it’s important for kids to avoid strangers, but for adults? Sometimes talking to strangers is the most rewarding experience ever. When’s the last time you sat down and had a great conversation (not just a “Hey there”) […]

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6 Lessons About Women & Fitness Learned From Ladies’ Field Day

Ever have those events that you plan in your head over and over again only to have it go completely different when the real day comes? Normally I do too. But this past Saturday wasn’t like that. It was even better than expected. Saturday, 45 ladies came together for fitness, friendship, support and competition for […]

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Mt Mitchell Girls Retreat: Adventure Recap

I’m sure you know by now that this past week I was in Burnsville, NC hosting my 3rd This Time Fitness Retreat. Twice a year, I take a group of 10-12 ladies (depending on the size of the rental house) to the mountains for an all-inclusive weekend adventure of hiking, food, wine, fitness and camaraderie. […]

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Recovering From Girls Retreat

This weekend was the absolute best. Every retreat we have just continues to get better and better! Perhaps it was because we were at my favorite home away from home. Maybe it was because all the ladies just “clicked”. Maybe it was because of all the amazing sponsors (so many!). Maybe it was because with […]

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This Time We Succeeded: Our New Gym & Taking Time Off

Happy Monday! Right now there is a good chance that Dan and I are flying high in the sky. We’re off to Philly to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws and sister-in-law. We’re thrilled to spend the week with family but also to take a step back from work. We’ve been extremely stressed and busy these […]

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