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10 Active Things To Do During A Winterapocalypse

Yesterday, something very rare happened here in Charleston. We were hit with sleet, ice and even a dusting of snow. Zoe wasn’t so sure about the crunch under her paws… The snow wasn’t the problem (clearly when I said “dusting” I meant it), it was the ice that has caused the entire city to shut down. […]

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Top 10 Best “Top 10 Women’s Fitness Posts”

If you’ve been reading Lifting Revolution for any length of time, perhaps you’ve noticed I love creating “Top Ten” posts? They’re something I started over a year ago, and unlike many things I’ve started in the past, I’ve actually kept them going strong. They also happen to be some of the most popular posts here, […]

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The 8 Most Overrated Gym Exercises For Women

Some of these may shock you, some may even have you asking… “Did she really just say that was overrated?” Yes, I certainly did. As promised, this is the follow up to Tuesday’s Most Underrated Exercise post. If you missed it, check it out! As for today, these are moves that I see repeatidily glorified, […]

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