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Top 10 Exercises For A Tighter, Toner Tush

The week is coming to an end. And finally, I have a weekend where I can focus on accomplishing a ton around my house, my life and my work. It’s just what I need! What’s on your agenda? One thing that will be on my to-do list is deadlift day. Since getting the okay from […]

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Top 10 Best “Top 10 Women’s Fitness Posts”

If you’ve been reading Lifting Revolution for any length of time, perhaps you’ve noticed I love creating “Top Ten” posts? They’re something I started over a year ago, and unlike many things I’ve started in the past, I’ve actually kept them going strong. They also happen to be some of the most popular posts here, […]

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10 Ways To Know Your Workout Plan Is Perfect

Hi friends! Have you wondered if what you’re doing is right? Is your workout a good workout? Is it what you need? In the 80’s fitness choices were limited: weight lifting, running, and step aerobics. Now, there seems to be an infinite amount of choices to pick from for workout programs. I would name some […]

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