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11 Reasons Why Your Life Is Awesome Right This Second

  Here’s a confession: I am in a really uncomfortable time in my life. Have you every felt like you work, and work, and work yet the results just aren’t showing the way you want? They aren’t reflecting that hard work? And you’re not at the place you thought you would  be? It sucks. Dan […]

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Top 30 Thursday: 30 Plank Exercises To Shock Your Core {And Body}

Hello friends! Was anyone else effected by yesterday’s Comcast outage? Which is the reason for the late post today. No internet = no blogging 🙁 I know being a trainer I am suppose to love and worship planks, but guess what? I don’t. You won’t see me kissing the ground they walk on.  I love […]

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Top 10 Thursday: The Top 10 Weight Loss Questions…Finally Answered

It’s Thursday, already? Not that I am complaining, I am welcoming the weekend with open arms. Before jumping into the Top 10 (which is a REALLY good one), I wanted to share this picture, taken of one of my amazing boot campers. As a participant of the What’s Beautiful Campaign with Under Armour, this picture […]

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Top 10 Thursday: Top 10 Deliciously Simple Vegan Recipe Round-up

Happy Thursday! I saw this on Facebook yesterday and couldn’t help but crack up. All I have to say is that if I get my hands on Jack Frost I might have to sucker punch the guy. Anyone else tired of winter, and tired about reading complaints about winter? Okay, done. I love reading recipe […]

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