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How To Balance Lots Of Running And Strength Training

Happy Thursday! Today is my first “scheduled” day that includes both strength training and running. The first of many. I should also note, that while this is the first on my actual training schedule, its not my first double workouts this training session (sometimes I just can’t say no to a good boot camp class). […]

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10 Signs You’re A Personal Trainer

I love what I do. Every morning when I wake up I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my passion and to help others get healthier, fitter, and more “fit savvy”.  Not everyone can say that they love their job, I’m one of the lucky few I suppose. And I truly hope you […]

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10 Jaw Dropping Confessions From A Trainer

If you read the post on my recent paddleboard excursion you may have noticed something was missing… A picture of me paddling along the scenic tidal creek. I wish I could say it was missing because I had the camera and didn’t get around to passing it over to Dan so I could get my […]

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