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Spring Cleaning: The Best & Worst Exercise Capris

This week is flying by! I think it’s partially due to the fact that spring is actually here! The sun is out, the temperatures are rising and I am in weather heaven. This amazing weather actually has me a bit bummed though because I want nothing more than to get outside to run and workout […]

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When Do You Feel Beautiful?

Good morning! Now, before you read any more, I want you to complete the following sentence: I feel beautiful when ______________________________.  Might sound like a strange question, but it is something I have been thinking about for days now. You know I love Under Armour, I have been loyal to the brand for years now. […]

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Consumer Report: The Painful Pants Post

Okay I know I just talked about how much I love Under Armour but that was before something terrible happened. I mean something so terrible that I can’t even lay on my mattress. And no, I am not being over dramatic. (Side note: I still love UnderArmour).  I bought a pair of running pants a […]

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The Best Way To Feel Good About A Workout

Most girls love going shopping for clothes and I do too… but more specifically I get excited when shopping for fitness clothes! I mean it is what I wear 99.999% of the time! I get so irritated buying new workout clothes because I honestly can not get over the price of good brand name gear… […]

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My Christmas List… Top Fitness Gifts I love!

Don’t you hate it when friends and family ask you what you want for Christmas and you can’t think of anything? Yes, I know you’re not surprised but I love getting fitness gear. It’s something that doesn’t have to be expensive, it helps you achieve your goals, and it makes you feel more like a […]

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