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Urban Remedy: 3-Day Metabolic Cleanse

Yup, I did it. Last night I finished completing a 3-day Metabolic Cleanse by Urban Remedy. Urban Remedy contacted me a while back asking if I would like to try one of their latest kits. Having done a juice cleanse before… My first instinct was to say NO. With half marathon training combined with the […]

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3 Day Juice Cleanse Recap: Would I Do It Again {Vlog}

Happy Monday! I hope you had a well rested weekend and ready for the week ahead. We have a fabulous weekend filled with family (my in-laws came to visit from Phili), holiday cheer, and juice. Saturday was the last of my juice cleanse and you know what? Surprisingly, It went great. So great, I felt […]

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Urban Remedy Cleanse Day 1: Bottoms Up

Last we left off on Friday, I mentioned that I was going to partake in a 3 day juice cleanse from Urban Remedy! So how did it go? Well, let’s start at the beginning… Thursday morning I waited patiently for my juice cleanse to arrive. Urban Remedy overnights their juices from California so that they […]

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Let The Juicefest Begin: The Juice Cleansing Experiment

Yesterday I decided that I just haven’t challenged myself in the past months (1/2 marathons and PRs are just little accomplishments)… I needed something new. So… I began a 3-day Juice Cleanse (Insert GASP here). Okay, so the 1/2 and the PRs were big deals but this is something completely different. Meet my meals for […]

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