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No One Guessed It Was Vegan: Alfredo Sauce

Though we only traveled 30 minutes away, we had just the vacation we needed. Sleep, relaxation, beach time, and some fitness sprinkled in (more pictures below and at my Instagram page). Oh, and some kitchen time. Dan asked if I wanted to cook something vegan for his family, and after seeing how gorgeous our rental […]

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{Vegan} Pecan-Coconut Encrusted Chicken Recipe

Wednesday already? Isn’t it funny how some weeks seem to just inch on by while others fly by? Which is it for you so far? Since getting back to my normal vegan diet, I have been loving my kitchen time. One thing I have noticed though is that since learning so much about the paleo […]

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Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies Turned Cuffins {Recipe}

It’s A Cookie! It’s A Muffin!  No… It’s A Cuffin!  Yesterday’s baking extravaganza was filled with successes, failures and new creations! This being one of the new creations! I have to be honest… It was an accident. I originally set out to make vegan Christmas cookies. The dough seemed perfect, the trays were lined with […]

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