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What The Fitness!? Jaw Dropping Fitness News Stories As Of Late

Wow, what a week this is going to be! I can’t express how blessed I feel to do what I do! Yesterday was filled with anxiety… like the first day of school anxiety. No matter how many clients I’ve trained or how many boot camps I’ve run, I still get butterflies in my belly when […]

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Vitamin Help: Winter Vitamin Deficiency

The cold is setting in, I have a few colleagues around the country that are already stuck indoors because of snow and freezing temperatures. Even if you’re able to get outdoors chances are you’re covered head to toe with pants and sleeves… which means no sun for you! During the winter, the blues aren’t just […]

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Buzz Worthy News: The “Prefect Food” Is Bee Pollen!

Ok maybe it’s a corney headline, but I don’t care… it’s true the benefits of bee pollen are huge and though it’s not something you see stocked on the shelves of GNC it’s worth talking about! I first read about bee pollen about 1-2 years ago from Tosca Reno. I read up on it realized […]

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