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The Compliment: Total Body Kettlebell Workout

This weekend didn’t quite go as planned. Dan and I were suppose to participate in a huge dragon boat race but because of a rather huge hiccup with one of our boot camps we had to pull out at the last minute and spend Saturday looking for a new boot camp location. Most of the time […]

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6 Essentials To Have A Successful & Fun Boot Camp Competition

Happy Sunday! After a very filled day of fitness and family, Dan and I didn’t feel guilty at all for staying in bed a little longer than normal today. We definitely deserved it! I mentioned on Friday that we were going to hold our very first boot camp fitness competition and it went off without […]

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Crazy Busy Weekend Recap

This weekend was incredibly busy but incredibly fun! Made a ton of great memories with friends and really just let loose! A friend of ours was getting married so starting Thursday we had some friends come from out of town… well, I had to teach boot camps early Friday morning so I let Dan have […]

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