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Should You Skip Dinner To Lose Weight?

ScienceDaily is perhaps my all time favorite site. I can spend hours scrolling through recent studies and publications. I guess that’s just the old biologist in me (I was a bio major). A few weeks ago, I came across this article, entitled, “Eating dinner early, or skipping it, may be effective in fighting body fat.” […]

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She Lost 100 Pounds & Quit Her Job: Podcast

Did you vote yesterday? This was one whirlwind of an election and you either woke up this morning thrilled or you woke up stunned. This isn’t a political blog and therefore I won’t share my beliefs here. I’ll leave it this… we are still Americans. One person doesn’t make us more or less of Americans. […]

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Podcast: Wisdom For Weight Loss From 2 Women Who Lost Over 150 Pounds

Stranger danger! I remember when Dan’s best friend’s son yelled this to Dan. It was hilarious. And sure, it’s important for kids to avoid strangers, but for adults? Sometimes talking to strangers is the most rewarding experience ever. When’s the last time you sat down and had a great conversation (not just a “Hey there”) […]

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5 Tips To Lose Weight Fast (They Aren’t What You Think)

Sounds so “magazine cover”, right? But it’s an important topic and one that I get asked ALL the time. Okay, so it’s not as if women come up to me and ask “Taylor, what are your 5 tips to lose weight fast?” But on a daily basis, I do get questions like: “Taylor, I’ve tried […]

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Sleep Is Overrated: The Truth About Weight And Sleep

Who needs sleep? Sleep is for wusses or people that don’t have a life. Sleep is for people who don’t have passion and goals. Who am I kidding… Sleep sounds amazing right now. Since I broke my leg, I haven’t had much of it. I’ve slept through the night a grand total of 3-4 times […]

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