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Top 10 Thursday: 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Stronger

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe that the relay race is upon me… less than 48 hours until I am running down highways in BFE South Carolina at 5:15am. Can you tell I am excited? I am! I think it’s going to be quite the experience for sure. But what I am also excited about is […]

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A Kettlebell Birthday Party: Why Kettlebells Are So Popular

This is how I started my day today: I followed this recipe, then once the batter was in the hot skillet, added the peaches. As it cooks, the pancake cooks up around the peaches so you can flip it. They were delicious: sweet but tart, a bit of a crunch on the outside but soft on […]

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Why Weight Machines Are Worthless & Pegan Updates {Video}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Too fast I’m sure. Ours was great, the perfect combination of friends, fun and fitness. You can see the recap here incase you missed it. Otherwise, let’s roll right into today’s show! In this week’s episode: Nutrition: A quick update on the Pegan Project. What it is, why I’m […]

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Top 10 Thursday: Holiday Wish List For The Fitness Fanatic

Oh Thursday, I missed you! Thanksgiving threw me off last week, not that I am complaining about the mid week day off! Now that the holidays are in full swing, at least in the Boyle house I think it’s only appropriate what I tell Santa what I would love this year on Christmas morning. I […]

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