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So You Want To Get Stronger But Not Bulkier? Okay!

How is your Tuesday going so far? I was at the gym the other day and I overheard a lady talking with a friend about their fitness plan. She said something along the lines of avoiding weights because she just knows she would bulk up. This isn’t the first time I have heard this reservation […]

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Women Shouldn’t Lift Weights

I was having girl time with one of my closest friends and she filled me in that she had no intention of picking up a weight to workout. If she was going to exercise it would include the treadmill followed up with a few ab exercises to help get tight and lean… really? It seems […]

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Big Month For September… Now’s The Best Time To Grow!

Fall is in the air, it’s amazing the temperature has already dropped 10 degrees here in Charleston and that means the end of summer. No more worrying about little bathing suits and looking amazing for vacations… fall is often the worst time for women.  You’ve been working hard all summer to look your best and […]

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I Almost Lost My Breakfast After 20 Min Into The Workout

Dan and I just got back from vacation which was great. I took the week to let my body rest even though we were definitely always on the go… hiking, rafting, golfing, you name it. But I kept my promise to stay out of the gym and away from the weights. I didn’t think much […]

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Be A Weekend Warrior

So many times we let the weekends pass either rushing around getting everything we need to do done, or we veg out and do nothing but relax. Neither of these leave us refreshed and recharged. This weekend I challenge you to do something different. These ideas are quite easy and may leave you with some […]

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