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RunToTheFinish Shares Her Secrets To Being A Kick-Ass Runner

Last week I had the privilege of talking with one of my favorite bloggers regarding running… all things running. Amanda, who blogs at RunToTheFinish, has been a dear friend for quite some time now. We met and bonded over a run in Baltimore a few years back while there for a conference. Palmetto 200 Since then, […]

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Love Life & Blank: Creating A Life You Love

Almost exactly 8 years ago, I was a young college graduate with dreams of becoming a doctor. Why? Because that’s what I thought I had to do to be successful.  Isn’t that what we’re taught? You go to school… get a “real” job… get married… have kids… retire… It’s the cycle that has been drilled […]

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How To Face Your Fears To Get The Body You Want

FEAR! We live in a sociey where we are embarrassed to acknowledge fear. We don’t want others to see our weaknesses and we are paralyzed by the idea of failure. Fear of failure is our greatest weakness of all. Followed closely by fear of success. If you allow fear to run your life, fear will […]

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Hacking Into Your Motivation To Be The Most Successful Woman Possible

Motivation… it is something that I find myself writing and talking  about more than I ever would have imagined. When I first started the blog, I thought it would be fitness and nutrition all day, every day. What I’ve learned since those early days of blogging and being a trainer is that no matter how […]

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