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Burpee Challenge Update

I am still going strong! It’s now been 18 days of burpees… It’s hard to believe that I have done 900 burpees already! By time this challenge is over 5000 burpees will be completed: DAMN! I had a great feeling of success today as I was pushing through my burpees. A guy was in the […]

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My New Two Gym Friends

It’s so funny that I wrote my post yesterday about those two rude guys that I’ve been battling with for the past week… This morning one of my previous “Gymimies” came up and made amends. Not so much by saying sorry but by introducing himself and saying that since we work out at the same […]

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Best Tricep Exercises For Women

Triceps are a sexy looking muscle. I think I have some pretty good looking triceps. When they’re flexed… ha! Before I go into the exercises, let’s quickly look at the tricep muscle and it’s function. Once you understand the muscle, you’ll be able to make it stronger faster. (And you’ll probably train it a little […]

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I’m So Sorry!!

I know it’s been unusually long since my last post.. I had gotten into a great habit of writing everyday and So I’m sorry that I broke that and it’s been almost a week. BUT… there is a huge and an exciting reason for my blog writing slack! We’ve been working super hard getting everything […]

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Weight Lifting Exercise For Women

Time to learn that exercise for women that really works! I always stress that cardio isn’t going to give that bikini body alone… sure you will see the numbers on the scale go down, but that isn’t really an accurate number. Cardio stressed workouts will have you losing more than a few pounds of fat… […]

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