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Why I Became A Sergeant Of A Boot Camp

I received an email this morning asking for an explanation of my boot camp. This isn’t the first one, in fact it’s one of dozens that I receive. So it only makes sense that I give a clear idea of what my boot camp is and what you can expect if you try one that […]

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Whirlwind Of A Weekend

The Pretty One of the ways I handled my anxiety and stress of the weekend (read below to see what happened) was with a kick ass workout yesterday. I pushed hard and today my body is sore from shoulders to my feet! It feels great. Here was my workout: Triset: Do each of these back […]

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Awesome Home Workout 50-30-20

If you’re looking for an intense workout that you can do anywhere then this is a great one. I love this particular workout because it only contains 4 exercises, but trust me, by the end you will have a total body workout and you will also have an amazing heart pounding, fat burning cardio workout […]

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