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Why I Became A Sergeant Of A Boot Camp

I received an email this morning asking for an explanation of my boot camp. This isn’t the first one, in fact it’s one of dozens that I receive. So it only makes sense that I give a clear idea of what my boot camp is and what you can expect if you try one that […]

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Whirlwind Of A Weekend

The Pretty One of the ways I handled my anxiety and stress of the weekend (read below to see what happened) was with a kick ass workout yesterday. I pushed hard and today my body is sore from shoulders to my feet! It feels great. Here was my workout: Triset: Do each of these back […]

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Awesome Home Workout 50-30-20

If you’re looking for an intense workout that you can do anywhere then this is a great one. I love this particular workout because it only contains 4 exercises, but trust me, by the end you will have a total body workout and you will also have an amazing heart pounding, fat burning cardio workout […]

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Real Ways Real Women Can Burn 300 Calories

I recently came across a fit fact saying that a 130 pound woman can burn 300 calories in just thirty minutes by doing the butterfly stroke… that is all great, but seriously most women can not possibly do this. That’s why I wanted to share with you real ways to help you and other women […]

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