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Tell Tale Signs You’re A Fitness Freak

Good morning! Happy Sunday. Things are moving a bit slow  in the Boyle house this morning. We had plans to wake up and hit the beach for an early morning workout, however Dan is a bit incompacitated at the moment so we had to cancel. 🙁 You see, we had the great idea of going […]

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Ask Away Wednesday: Is It Okay To Workout When…

Happy Wednesday! This is totally irrelevant but was sent to me by a client and I just had to share: Funny stuff! Anyways…  I hope you’re having a wonderful week and that it’s not dragging by. It seems like the days are flying by… I guess it’s because of the fun of the season. Time […]

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Big Month For September… Now’s The Best Time To Grow!

Fall is in the air, it’s amazing the temperature has already dropped 10 degrees here in Charleston and that means the end of summer. No more worrying about little bathing suits and looking amazing for vacations… fall is often the worst time for women.  You’ve been working hard all summer to look your best and […]

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