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How To Keep The Spark Going In Your Workout: Podcast

Here’s a quick snapshot of a conversation Alex and I had during our workout on Monday… Me: “Hey Alex, what do you want to finish up with?” (We had just finished our workout and wanted to focus on a few skills.) Alex: “Ummm, I saw someone on IG doing box jumps while holding a kettlebell. […]

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Why Bad Workouts Aren’t So Bad

I asked my boot campers on Friday if they had any suggestions for blog posts. I get a lot of my ideas from them, my ladies have the best ideas. It was pretty unanimous, they wanted me to share my “weird eats”, the foods I think are delicious but everyone else turns their nose up […]

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You’ve Said It: I Didn’t Want To Workout BUT…

I am glad I did! How often do we say this? How many times do you get the pre-workout blues? You know, the pull of the couch or the warmth of the bed that makes you say “I don’t think I am going to workout, I’m just not feeling it”? I received this message on […]

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The Best Way To Feel Good About A Workout

Most girls love going shopping for clothes and I do too… but more specifically I get excited when shopping for fitness clothes! I mean it is what I wear 99.999% of the time! I get so irritated buying new workout clothes because I honestly can not get over the price of good brand name gear… […]

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