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7 Kettlebell Complexes To Add To Your Workouts For Better Results

When it comes to my own kettlebell workouts, I love complexes! The idea of tying one exercise to another adds a flow, a rhythm, to the workout! And let’s face it, they’re hard! When you string different exercises together sometimes you get lost in the move and your mind is just thinking of what comes […]

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Weekend Warrior 2: The Trifecta Workout

We’ve made it through another week. For those of you covered with snow, I hope you’re staying warm and safe! Did you register for yesterday’s giveaway? It’s not too late to enter! How many of you guys use the weekends for a chance to really push the limit of your workouts? All week you workout […]

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Three Workouts To Improve Your Push-Ups Fast

I have a challenge for you… Set a timer for 60 seconds and see how many squats you can do. Then, reset the timer and see how many push-ups you can do. Now compare that number. I’m going to guess the squats out number the push-ups pretty significantly. I’m also going to assume that for […]

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An Important PSA: Your Body On Lazy

Hey friends, how’s your Monday kicking off? I thought we could start the week off with a little PSA, whatcha say? Remember this one… Even if you weren’t around during the 80s, you’ve heard of this classic. It’s almost as memorable as… “I’m Fallin’ And I Can’t Get Up!” …which isn’t a public service announcement. […]

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