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Podcast: Rewarding Yourself With Food

Last week, I stood tall on my soapbox. I’m not sure if any of my clients listened, but I got passionate. I was driven and focused on making my point. What was it I was so passionate about? Almost to the point of being annoying? Treating ourselves like dogs…. Rewarding ourselves with food. We’ve all […]

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Workout Recap: Killer 16 Minute Push-up & Squat Workout For You

It’s FRIDAY!! If I could sing and dance for you, I would! After one hell of a whirlwind week last week that Dan has since named, “The week that lasted a year”, it was nice to have a normal paced week of getting back on track with life. It was a solid week of training, working […]

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50K Race Weekend Is Here & Workouts Of The Week

The time has come! Time to pull the laces tight on my LA Sportivas Make a few peanut butter everything bagel thin sandwiches Toss a few dates in some snack bags and… Conquer the Quest For The Crest 50K. Well, hopefully conquer. The race is Sunday but Dan, my mom and I are loading up […]

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7 Kettlebell Complexes To Add To Your Workouts For Better Results

When it comes to my own kettlebell workouts, I love complexes! The idea of tying one exercise to another adds a flow, a rhythm, to the workout! And let’s face it, they’re hard! When you string different exercises together sometimes you get lost in the move and your mind is just thinking of what comes […]

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Weekend Warrior 2: The Trifecta Workout

We’ve made it through another week. For those of you covered with snow, I hope you’re staying warm and safe! Did you register for yesterday’s giveaway? It’s not too late to enter! How many of you guys use the weekends for a chance to really push the limit of your workouts? All week you workout […]

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