Thank you for being a loyal reader of Lifting Revolution.

I never anticipated the fun and fulfillment this blog has brought to my business and life… but I love it and you motivate me more than ever to continue.

I’ve written this quick letter because as you can tell, I’ve updated the look of my blog. I call it stage 1. There are more to come.

I wanted to let you in on my future of Lifting Revolution so you know what to expect from me and the site.

I think it’s only fair.

Great Blog Fitness Content1. More Great Content

Of course the corner stone of LR is content and bringing you the best content I can.

I want to help you with what I specialize in:

  • Healthy natural weight loss
  • Bodyweight circuit training
  • Weight training and resistance training
  • Running
  • And of course Nutrition!

(I also hope motivation and pushing you to be better than you think you can be.)

Plus you and I are going to have a TON of fun along the way!

This year Dan and I have plans for some new interviews with guests that are not your typical fitness or nutrition experts. And success stories too.

It should be awesome. As always your ideas and recommendations are super important to me. Leave them in the comments… email them to me… let me know what would help you hit your healthy lifestyle goals.

2. More Business Integration

You know I’m a personal trainer, nutrition consultant and now weight loss specialist.

I have a rockin’ Boot Camp business in Charleston that I love.

Over the last few years I’ve built different programs for my online clients. I’ve learned a lot but never fully focused on building my online training business.

But 2013 is my year to really focus and get it off the ground.

My experience and success so far as been amazing and I feel it’s my duty to bring and offer it to you. To help you hit your fitness/nutrition/lifestyle goals.

Dan and I have organized our online training busienss, prioritized it, and have the right progression based on your goals.

It’s not for everybody, but I know it can and will be for many of you.

So you’ll see:

  • My newsletter. Join it! It’s going to have a lot of really great information including things I’ll not post on the blog. Kind of like an insider thing.
  • My free reports. I have a lot of different free reports I’ve written over the years. I’ll offer these to you. They are full of great information which is actionable… not just for selling something.

My programs. I have a a few programs available now…

  • Calorie Revolution – my 8 week nutrition and weight loss program.
  • Torched In 20 – my 6 week training program for women who are beginners or just getting back into resistance training after a long break. It’s all bodyweight training.
  • Toned In 20 – my 8 week weight training program which is still under development.
  • Fit Women’s Weekly – my private members community. Membership is now closed as you have to go through one of my programs first… just so you know how things work in my world of training.

My Training Programs


Because of my business you’ll find…

3. No 3rd Party Advertising

I do not want to sell advertising space on my blog. This is a personal choice, as there is nothing wrong with that and it’s a great way to bring revenue to a blog.

These things get expensive to maintain as traffic grows!

But since I am building my business, I’ll be able to keep 3rd party advertisers away (hopefully).

It’s the ultimate form of quality control.

Finally I Want Your Feedback On New Ideas!

I Want Your IdeasLastly, I really want your feedback on different ideas for what you want.

  • Maybe it’s a certain type of training you want…
  • Maybe you want to learn to cook and eat vegan…
  • Maybe you want to a specific type of workout program…
  • Maybe a webinar series on a specific topic…

Let me know.

I want to do some cool things on this blog and lead the industry in REAL health and lifestyle training for women!

I’m really excited about the future of Lifting Revolution. I hope you are too.

Thank you again for begin a reader. It means the world to me and I hope to serve you the best I possibly can over the next few decades (hopefully)!

Thanks again,

Taylor Ryan


P.S. You Rock!