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I have a few things I’d like to give you. This is actually quite a lot so don’t feel overwhelmed.

It’s all important and it all has it’s place. Let me show you.

The Multivitamin Myth1. The Multivitamin Myth

This is a free report my husband and I wrote that centers around nutrition. I’m asked daily from my clients and people on the blog about what supplements I take.

However, I feel that supplements are part of a big health myth. There are two things I take, but that’s it and they are not even your “typical” supplements.

I think this report will open your mind and stomach to think different about nutrition and how to eat.

Click here to go download your copy. You can also download the audio version so you can listen on the go!

Best Protein For Women2. The Best Protein & The Whole Foods Supplement

You guessed it! These are the two “supplements” I take. I talk about why I take them and why I believe they are great options.

Feel free to try them, but don’t feel pressure to.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding them as well.

Click here to download the Best Protein and The Whole Foods Supplement guides.

3. The Quick Start Fit Guide

Quick Start Guide

This is like my quick infusion of my training philosophy for fitness, nutrition and mindset.

I’m definitely a little different that pretty much every trainer out there in how I think women should exercise, should eat, and should think about living healthy.

This is a series of videos that explain what I’m all about. I hope it resonates for you. I think it will… especially if you’re sick and tired of the weight loss run around.

Oh yeah! Everything is in MP3 version too so you can download them and listen on the go.

Click Here to access the Quick Start Guide.

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I have an interesting story that lots of women relate to.

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Most women can’t believe that I was once 32 pounds overweight. But it gets much uglier than that.

I’ll explain everything so be on the look out.