Thanksgiving: The Truth Behind The Feast {Graphic}

I can’t believe it… a second post in one day! Woo hoo. It’s because I am so excited about Thanksgiving! I am getting ready to go champagne shopping now for mimosas in the am. But before I do, check out the graphic I spent 3 hours working on tossed together.

truth about thanksgiving food

What’s your take on pie… pumpkin, pecan or neither?

I am a cake girl myself to be honest. But I don’t mind a good pumpkin pie from time to time!

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  • I like pumpkin pie. In fact, I got an early start on it and had some today after my run. I think that it only has about 300 calories per slice, a lot less than pecan pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Very true Tina, much better than the pecan and at least you got a good run in! Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the pie!

  • Cassie

    At least I know I will be burning 700 calories from cooking the entire meal. 🙂 Now I won’t feel so guilty eatting my not so healthy sweet potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    • heck yea! Headed into the kitchen right now myself! Happy Thanksgiving!

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