The #1 Person To Thank That You Haven’t YET

No, not your husband…

Though I am thankful for my very handsome (on the inside & out) hubs

Not your mom or dad. Not your kid(s).


This is the week to give thanks for all of our blessings, and I’m sorry, no matter how tough life is right now, we all have blessings to be grateful for.

The biggest one: YOU!


You have made it through another year, and even if things haven’t gone as planned or perhaps you haven’t handled every situation the way you would have wanted to, you’re still here.

You’re still here to give thanks, to say I love you, and blessed with a body that allows you to be active and fit.

I’m not suggesting that tomorrow while sitting around the table with family and friends sharing what everyone is grateful for, you proudly announce “I’m grateful for me!” chances are it won’t come across quite the way it’s suppose to.

But I do encourage you to take just a few moments of your day to look into a mirror and give thanks to the reflection starring back.

I thought it might be fun to share a few of the things I would thank my body for to help jump start this “Self Thanks Exercise”.

Dear Taylor… 

-I am thankful that even after all the miles, all the lifting, and all the “torture” that I’ve done over the year, you’re still strong, fit and healthy.

-I am thankful that though I don’t always treat you the best, you do a really good job of keeping me healthy.

-I am thankful for your ability to recover and move on. Not just physical recovery but for all the mental stresses that have come your way over the past 12 months as well.

-For keeping my humble, I am grateful. Whenever I think I’m getting more awesome, you have a way of throwing me down and showing me just how much room there is for growth.

-I’m thankful for the cues you give me when you need more. This past year has been about constant experimentation, and you’ve been great at telling me what works and what doesn’t… sometimes I don’t like it but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-I’m thankful for a strong body that allows me to spend quality time being active with friends and my husband. Working out alone is hard, working out with those closest to you is playtime.

-I am thankful that you allow me to be a hardass when I need to be and a delicate, emotional woman when I want to be. Balancing the two can be hard, but we’re getting better.

Now That You’ve Given Thanks, Do Thanks

Once the week is over, Do Thanks will be as well, but until then let’s keep going with it.

After you’ve focused on yourself, and thought about just how blessed you are as a person in the body you’re in, it’s time to show thanks.

Here are some ideas: 

– Enjoy a hot cup of tea with your favorite holiday music playing in the background. Focus on the company around you and the experience. Just relax!

– Take a yoga class this weekend. Show your body the physical release it needs! I’ll be doing this!

– Go for a run without goals of time, pace or distance. Leave the GPS at home and just run for the sake of running.

– Do 100 squats, and dedicate it to a strong healthy body. Or to the squat challenge 🙂

– Get an extra hour or two of sleep. We’ve been go go go all year, take a day or two and don’t set an alarm. Let your body tell you how much rest it needs. I try to do this once/week and it’s the highlight!

– Take a warm, epsom salt bath, go all out and light candles for the ultimate at home spa package.

I will be practicing what I preach. Tomorrow morning when we wake up, I’ll immediately pour Dan and I mimosas, forget about all things fitness, and let me body relax while watching my favorite Christmas movie. The mimosas will be used for toasting our lives and the happiness that has happened and to the happiness that lays ahead.

This has been our tradition since we moved in together (7 years) and I hope it continues on. Though I guess when kids come the Christmas movie may have to change from Love Actually.

What would you say to your body when giving thanks?

Any fun ideas on how to do thanks? 

I will likely pop in tomorrow before heading to my parents’ for the big feast, but in case you can’t make it back… Happy Thanksgiving friend. I’m grateful for all of my amazing readers and training clients! XOXO


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