The 7 Deadly Confessions Of A Personal Trainer (IV)

Hello friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

Unfortunately, I am going through some family events at the moment, so I can’t say it’s wonderful (which is the reason for a late posting). I will however say I am grateful to have this place to come to and disconnect. I am also grateful for family and friends. Together we are a pretty strong team.

And because I see this as my home, it’s time for me to come clean and open up. Why? Because we’re friends but also because I think in the blog world things can get “reality tv-ish”…

You know, it looks real and perfect, but the real reality is much messier and not as idealistic.

If you’ve missed the previous confessions you can check them out here:

7 Deadly Confessions Of A Personal Trainer IV


1. My food isn’t always good, or even edible.

You have to love Instagram, people posting their delicious “looking” meals to share their amazing creations. Of course making us go “wow, all of her food looks so good!” I’m guilty.

And then I posted this:


Do you follow me?

I posted this picture this past weekend of arugula soup. It looks delicious right? The rich green, the creaminess, the warmth it seems to give.

It sucked. It sucked so bad that right after this picture, the bowl was poured down the sink along with the entire pot! It was so bad neither Dan or I could stomach anything beyond a single spoonful.

Not all recipes are winners. Trust me I have my fair share of flops. And I promise, I’ll confess to those flops, after all, I could have posted the picture with a comment along the lines of “check out my delicious bowl of arugula soup! #nomnom!”

2. I am a secret treadmill racer.

If you run beside me on a treadmill, I will glance over to see what speed you’re running at. And then I will up mine to be at least 1 up on you. Guilty.

I’m that girl.

3. I get mad at the weak, toned girls at the gym.

Damn good genetics! That’s what I will whisper under my breath (or to Jeanette) when we work our butts off to lift heavy and look over at the bikini model beside us with the 5 pound weights.

I’m a “hard gainer” meaning it’s hard for me to add muscle mass, so yes, I get flustered when I see some girl with a killer body who is deadlifting a “baby” bar. It’s not her fault, and I don’t hold a grudge but I do take notice.

4. I love planks… finally!

Half way through!

A few confessions ago, I announced that I hated planks… with a passion. They were boring, burning, and torture to do.

But since starting the plank challenge January 1st, I have a new relationship with them. I’m beginning to wonder just how long I can hold it and really test myself. A month ago, you would have had to twist my arm to hold a plank longer than a minute.

But now, I am digging them! Bring on the 90-second plank next week!

5. My passion for distance running is almost nonexistent.

This is how i feel every time I go run!

I know your just gasped, right?

Since Kiawah I have had my running confidence squashed a bit. After recovering from my injury, I just haven’t felt that excitement to go and log the miles.

It’s really bumming me out honestly, and I know it will come back, but right not I am just not feeling it. Though I think my midsection is feeling the lack of running!

I am really excited to race this weekend simply to see if I can get that spark back. Ever love something one day and the next just not care? 

6. I work hard to make a few reps look really good. 

Case and point…

We are in the process of hiring a new personal trainer. This trainer is amazing and was actually a boot camper before decided to be a trainer. I’ve been going over a few moves that she needs to get stronger at because I am a true believer that all of my trainers need to be able to do ALL the exercises perfectly for demonstrating to clients.

I could tell she was a bit nervous about that, stating that I make the hard moves look so easy.

Then I filled her in… I’ve mastered doing up to 5 reps perfectly and I’ve mastered being able to cover the expression on my face when things get tough.


Another example:

Ugh close grip push-ups!

The truth: there are TONS of moves that I am not great at! I just happen to be able to do enough good reps to show others how to do it, after that, I’m done… spent!

Sometimes it’s a bit of an acting game, but seriously, who can do dive-bombers and close-grip push-ups like it’s nothing? Not this girl!

7. I ate all the chocolate for a recipe before I made the recipe. 

Oops. I confess. Last week I bought dark chocolate chips out of the bins at Whole Foods to make some Healthy Bites. I purchased just enough because I knew if I bought more, I would snack on them.

Well, I did snack on them any way. When I went to actually make the bites, I had to go out and buy more. This time I really did use them just for the bites! And boy where they delicious. Sorry for no picture, they disappeared pretty quickly since I had to eat them for dinner after the soup fiasco!

It happens. At least it was only about 1/4 of a cup, right? And I did use them in a recipe… chocolate chip pancakes!

And those are this months 7 deadly confessions! I love doing these.

Now it’s your turn…

Fess up… what’s something you can confess?


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