The Best Drinks Without Sugar Or Sugar Substitutes

A common health and diet choice many people choose is to eliminate high calorie drinks from their diet. But is trading in the calories for the artificial sweetners worth it?

Our body doesn’t know the difference between real sugar and the fake stuff so it still reacts the same way causing blood sugar to drop and spike. The hardest challange is to find natural ways to make flavorful low calorie drinks. I have a few of my favorite concoctions that can change up the mundane taste of water.

The Best Drinks Without Adding Sugar Or Artificial Sweeteners:

The BEST Coffee Fixer-Instead of splenda, truvia, or aspartame try some vanilla protein powder or a flavor of your choice. It is sweet and creamy enough to take the place of cream and sugar.

Make some iced herbal tea-There are so many flavors and delicious types of tea. From black and green, to peppermint and fruit flavors. You can make tea fast and easy and drink it hot or cold.

Water Fixer Uppers-Adding Fruit to water is the easiest way to flavor with a low amount of calories and great taste. I have three pitchers of water in my refridgerator at all times.

My favorite… Cucumber Melon–Slice a cucumber and some honeydew melon (about 7-9 cubes) and place in bottom of pitcher. Fill with water
Citrus—Slice a lemon, lime, and 1/2 and orange. Place in bottom of pitcher and fill with water

Berry flavored-Raspberry, Blackberries, strawberry. Place whole berries in bottom of pitcher and fill with water.

Try making a truly healthy change today with these easy flavorful changes!


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