The Art of Weight Lifting Teleseminar Question Page

Ask any question you would like covered on this teleseminar. We will probably not get to every one of them… or this may flop completely and we may get to all zero of them.

But we are hoping for a good turnout so ask your questions and let’s have a fun time on the 29th. It’s a Wed. and the time will probably be around 8 or 9 EST.

Learn Questions Below:

  • Jeannie

    Why can’t someone come up with a small spiral bound book that girls can take to the gym with the specific weight
    lifting excercise in front of them. When I get to a gym I forget which ones I am doing – so my workout is half-ass,
    I get discouraged and then give it up.

  • Jeannie

    are the answers to these questions going to be online, as I have a class tonight and cannot participate in teleseminar.

  • Katie

    My question is about results…I have been working out, eating clean and have dropped some weight….I am wondering if you guys can give a rough idea of at what percentage body fat you actually begin to show muscle definition. I am sur it depends on several fActors but I am beginning to wonder if I have the body type/tone that will ever develop!

  • Tamera

    Is it possible for all women to have toned abs with the right nutrition and exercise (especially those who have had children)?

  • Myra

    * Muscle building back exercises?
    * Hamstring exercises without leg curls machines that can be done @ home, and for people with bad lower backs?
    * How to losing those last pesky 5-10#s w/out losing muscle
    * Quad exercises for home workouts

  • TaylorR

    These are some awesome questions! I can’t wait for Wednesday to get to answering them! Keep them coming!!!

  • TaylorR

    oh and Jeannie- if you have class and can’t make it don’t worry we will make it accessible for you to hear afterwards. No worries.