The Best Butt Exercise For Women

I am not sure if you’ve read previous entries to know that this month’s workout plan for me is titled “Project Apple-Bottom”… that’s right I have stepped up my lower body workouts (which I do two times a week) and have incorporated bigger multi-joint moves that kick my butt (no pun intented)…

I have been switching out exercises regularly to keep me from getting bored and to continuously push my body… the exercise I am about to talk about I have of course known about it for ever, and I have clients do it often but I have neglected it in my own workouts until yesterday…

Now revealing: The Best Butt Exercise For Women

The Bulgarian Split Squat

My tush is killing me today, in a good way… I know I used muscles that I haven’t used in awhile, and I do standard lunges and squats ALL the time! And for project apple-bottom I have to work all the muscles after all.

Muscles worked for the Bulgarian split squat butt exercise: Glutes, Thighs (hamstrings, Quads), Core, Hips and even the small stabalizers are pushed due to the balance work you’ll be doing with this move.

How to do the Split Squat: You might want to start of without weights just to make sure you have the motion down, afterwards you can move to using dumbbells (holding one in each hand down by your sides).  Stand with your back towards a normal flat bench, place a leg on the bench (your shin and top of the foot will be on it). Slowly bend your front grounded leg until parallel to the floor and return to standing. Repeat for recommended reps and then switch legs.

Like I said to get started I would use bodyweight only until you are a pro at form… keeping back straight and chest up… front leg far enough from the bench to allow ample range of motion and where knee doesn’t go far past your foot when in lowered position.

This is a great move and you will feel the burn immediately after starting and if you’re like me you may have a hard time sitting down and getting up the next day! But it really is the best butt exercise for women and will surely help on my way to my new apple-bottom!

If you need more of a challenge instead of a bench you can use a stability ball… great for body weight exercise.


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