The Best Protein Shake Recipe

I recently talked my mom into drinking protein shakes. She is looking to eat healthier and cleaner to help drop some weight before my wedding. So I stepped in and started a nutrition plan for her (though few parents follow the advice of their kids… even if her’s is a personal trainer).

Anywho… I got her into buying EAS Whey Protein, it’s pretty much at all stores and isn’t price bad. Plus it taste great and mixes really well. I knew to really get her to incorporate them into her life I would have to teach her a VERY easy way to make a great shake.

I understand that not very many people are like me who actually enjoys protein shakes with nothing but whey, ice and water so I didn’t want to introduce her to the shakes like this.

Here is the EASIEST and tastiest whey protein shake around:

All you need:

  1. Serving scoop of whey
  2. 4 pieces of ice
  3. 1 serving carton of your favorite all natural yogurt
  4. 1/2 cup water

Throw it all in there and viola you’ve got a protein shake. No fruit cutting or anything, just jump and blend.

I will admit I don’t make mine personally like this, because like I said I am protein boring… but this is how Dan makes all of his. The best flavors to use if you have them available are: Key lime, Coconut, Raspberry and Banana.

If you’re thinking about adding protein supplements to your diet then do! It’s a great way to help increase your fullness, increase metabolism, help muscle recovery and so much more. Here’s an old post I did on the benefits of protein!

Here’s another great article I wrote specifically on Whey Protein and Women


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