The Best Sprint Interval Combo

You already know I love intervals for cardio, it is practically the only cardio I blog about! Intervals are freaking amazing… after just 20 minutes you have burned more calories than if you just went for an hour long jog! No joke… and not only do you burn more calories but you burn more fat… but I don’t want to repeat what I have been saying so I will get to the point.

New research has come out giving us trainers better information to help you make sure to get faster results when it comes to your intervals. Before it was just about short bursts of speed followed by a time of rest to get the heart rate down, but no specific ratio.

Now we have a known ratio to burn more fat, more calories and get more results!

The Magic Interval Ratio to Burn Fat

Thanks to those sexy Australians (I love Australian accents) they have discovered a set ratio when it comes to hiit workouts (high intensity interval). This ratio showed dramatic results between groups following it compared to groups following other programs.

I am going ahead and telling you you’re going to be surprised by the interval… 8 seconds on and 12 seconds rest! These very short bursts of speed had the subjects losing more body fat, especially more belly fat, than their counterparts that were following a 30 second interval program.

8 seconds sounds crazy to me but you can’t refute the facts! I am science freak after all so I had to read

several periodicals before I truly believed what I read. I will tell you this, I read the report on Thursday so i tried it out on my boot camp yesterday morning and they were exhausted at the end.

Think about if if you do this for 20 minutes, that is a lot if intervals, compared to before when you were probably doing just 6 or so in a period.

Give it a try and let me know!

And by the way, if you are looking for killer interval workouts make sure to check them out at the Art Of Weight Lifting!


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