The Compliment: Total Body Kettlebell Workout

This weekend didn’t quite go as planned.

Dan and I were suppose to participate in a huge dragon boat race but because of a rather huge hiccup with one of our boot camps we had to pull out at the last minute and spend Saturday looking for a new boot camp location. Most of the time running a business is awesome, but when this stuff pops up… not so much!

Luckily, the stars were aligned and we found a great new place! And we even had time left in our day to enjoy some of the gorgeous sunshine.


The weekend wasn’t a total bust. Because of the stress of the hiccup, I had some energy I just had to get out. I love when stress helps to fuel some awesome workouts!

A 5 mile run on the bridge….


I never get tired of this view. I get tired of dodging people that don’t know how to run on it, but how can anyone not appreciate this? Just FYI – I stuck my phone out of the view box to snap this. Dan said it looks like I was flying beside the bridge!

The it was time for great workout for FitWomensWeekly and this killer kettlebell workout, The Compliment.

The Compliment:
Total Body Kettlebell & Body Weight Workout

You know, when it comes to kettlebell workouts, you don’t have to use them in every single exercise.

Sometimes it’s fun to mix things up. Sometimes putting the kettlebell down can make for an even better workout since you get to rest your grip!

All of that is to say… do this workout! You won’t regret it!

The premise is this… each kettlebell exercise in the workout, has a complimentary body weight move. They aren’t paired back to back,but that’s to ensure a balanced total body workout.

Basically, we’re going to work lower body –> upper body –> total body –> Repeat

The Pairings? 

Swings –> Hip Extensions

Kettlebell Presses –> Pike Push-Ups

Snatches –> Burpees

Get-Ups –> Footballers

I assure you, this workout is no joke! I am working on upping the intensity of my own workouts for the next 6-weeks which means the workouts I will be sharing will be turned up a notch too.

No messing around here, we’ve got goals and it’s time to take action. Am I right? Or am I right?


Let’s quickly go over the moves. If you haven’t picked up a kettlebell before, this shouldn’t be your first workout. I recommend getting hooked up with a kettlebell certified trainer to help learn the fundamentals before trying these moves (we are putting the final touches on a intro course now)!

If you love weights but don’t have a kettlebell, no problem. These exercises can be done with a dumbbell.

The Moves

Kettlebell Swings: 

  • This is a hip dominant move, don’t squat deeply. Instead, push the hips backward as if completing a deadlift.
  • Keep the back straight throughout the movement!

Pike Push-Ups:

  • Get your tush up as high as possible.
  • As you lower down, you should be aiming to have your head tap in between your hands.


  • Use the moment of the swing as you punch through the kettlebell to take it overhead.
  • Concentrate on a straight back and strong base (tight glutes, activated core).

Hip Extensions

  • Lay as if doing a sit up and slide your feet out about 3 additional inches.
  • Keep one leg off the ground as you push through your grounded heel to lift your hips as high as possible.
  • Squeeze your butt!

Kettlebell Presses

  • Start with the elbow in and in a proper racked position.
  • Rotate the hand as you push the kettlebell straight up to overhead position.
  • Return to the wrack before pushing up again.
  • Keep the core tight, this is an easy move to find yourself arching your back and putting unnecessary stress on the joints.


  • Start standing, squat down and jump your feet back. Perform a push-up before jumping the feet back to your hands and finishing with a jump to the sky!

Turkish Get-Ups

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

There is a lot to this move and it’s not for beginners.

  • Watch the video over and over and have someone around you that knows what they are doing to help you learn each step of the move.
  • If you know what you’re doing, a few things to focus on: Keeping the wrist straight; core engaged from start to finish; rotating the foot before standing and when coming down; and finally work on getting better and having fun!


  • Start by shuffling in place for 3-5 shuffles before dropping down to your stomach. From here, jump right back up to starting position.

Now you know the moves, so what’s keeping you from doing this workout!? I won’t lie, it was a bit harder than I expected! In a good way.

How was your weekend?

Are any of these moves completely new to you? 

Aside from our boot camp hiccup, the rest of the weekend was great! Productive with a splash of relaxation tossed in.


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