The Cookie Diet… Losing Weight With Cookies?

Here I am sitting on the couch, drinking my morning coffee and watching a VH1 special (on women’s bodybuilding), well I was until a crazy commercial came on… The Cookie Diet.

Of course they claim on the commercial that this is not a fad but a proven way to lose weight. To me just the name is symbolic of a fad, but I had to find out. So my coffee is on the table and my computer is here on my lap.

How The Cookie Diet Works

Here’s what the product’s website has to say…

  • Eat 6 of these special cookies per day and then enjoy a sensible dinner.
  • Diet was created by Dr. Siegal who created his special cookie recipe to help his patients lose weight
  • Each cookie has a special blend of amino acid proteins

What they say about the cookies:  control your hunger and easy to stick with your diet. Cookies come in prepackaged bags for each day. Each bag has 6 cookies. 3 for breakfast and 3 for lunch. Flavors: Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate, Blueberry, Banana and Coconut. For 1 week of cookies you are looking to spend over $55.00.

Eating Cookies All Day

I love cookies, they are my favorite treat! Give m a good chocolate chip or white macadamia nut and I will be a happy girl. But the idea of eating nothing but cookies takes away the specialness and the whole “dessert” part. Plus, how many cookies can you eat before you get tired of them? Likely not very long. cookie diet cookies

This is just a diet to have you counting calories, just in a different way. But with the lack of choices and the monotony of it all, you will give up, you will get bored. Sure you might lose some weight but…

If you’re eating 6 cookies for two meals you will drastically slow your metabolism! Any time you cut down the number of times you eat, or drastically cut calories then this is likely to happen. And when it does instead of waving good-bye to body fat, you will say good-bye to lean muscle mass.

That’s what happens… your body doesn’t know why you started dieting, it just knows that the food going in is much less. This is a “starvation mechanism” to help for long term fasting! Your body wants to keep fat for your safety.

My overall feeling about the Cookie Diet… it’s a no go. You’re much better off following a clean eating program. Where you get to eat every 2-3 hours, not count calories.. and learn to eat a healthy lifestyle. But that’s just my opinion.

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