The F-Words Required For A Transformational Workout

You might grow tired of me saying it, but if you want a workout that delivers noticeable results you have to take action.

Doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results will over and over again yield NOTHING. And you want SOMETHING, right?


There are important factors to consider… factors that left ignored will have you dropping the f-bomb wondering what the F…udge  you’re doing wrong.

What did you think I was actually going to say it? Nope, I might not talk like a lady all the time, but the f words isn’t one I like to use regularly.

At least not that particular F-word.

These F-words are ones that should be in your vocabulary on a daily basis. They’ll help guide you down the golden brick road to success.

If you follow the advice that these 6-words have to offer there is no reason why you can’t expect to see a lot of somethings going on when you look in the mirror.

Again, ignore their advice and continue to question what the fudge is going on.

The 6 F-Words That Lead To Visible Results From Your Workouts

What's needed for a good workout to see results!?


How often are you logging in workouts? Inconsistency is perhaps the #1 reason for lack of results.

Working out 1x a week is not going deliver what you want. At the same time, working out 7x a week isn’t going to help much either. You’ll end up never recovering and never allowing your body to show off the hard work you’ve been putting in.

What’s the magic number then? Optimally for the best results, aim to workout 3-5 times per week.

This allows your body time to recover and allows for you to not get burnt out. Trying to get a top notch workout in every single day can be stressful and remember, exercise is suppose to help with stress not add to it.


–> How is your form with each exercise you do?
–> Do you feel confident or do you sometimes wonder if you’re doing something correctly?

If you question yourself, then chances are your form may be suffering.

If that’s the case, you’re likely using the wrong muscles, increasing your risks of injuries and not able to take the move with full ferocity (see below). These 3 elements will decrease your risk of overall results, strength and benefits.

Improve your form by: 

1 – Study good form from professionals. Don’t just youtube moves, make sure to get help from certified professionals. I’ve got lots of form videos and posts for exercises!

2 – Asking for help from a trainer

3 – Watch yourself in the mirror and focus on how the move is suppose to look

4 – Focus on flexibility. The #1 cause of bad form is bad flexibility. Make sure to stretch regularly and perhaps enroll in a yoga class to help with any imbalances.


AKA Intensity. How hard are you pushing yourself?

It’s called working out because you have to work for it. If you never reach a level of feeling like “wow, I’m really killing it today” then look at your current program and change it.

You don’t have to go to the level of vomiting, however you do what to push yourself beyond comfort to get stronger, fitter, and leaner. Look at the women who you admire, they didn’t get their bodies from walking the block or doing the thigh machine.

The most common mistake I see when it comes to intensity is seeing women use machines for their workouts or using extremely light weights. Don’t fear strength training, push yourself. Here are a few ways to design killer workouts.

6 Ways To Make Your Own Workout Programs


If something isn’t fun chances are you won’t stick to the rules of frequency or ferocity. You’ll dread each workout, find ways to avoid doing them all together, or when you do it, it will likely be half-ass.

But don’t worry! There are fun ways to workout and each person is different. For me, I love high intensity metabolic training… that’s me. I like to give my all for 20-30 minutes and then walk away. Some people love lifting weights, some people love taking classes like barre or Zumba.

Find something that makes you excited and that pulls you in for more!

Of course, if you’re like me, make sure to check out Fit Womens Weekly for the funnest of workouts! 🙂


It’s easy to get pulled into the current fitness fad of wanting to push your body to the limits with crazy exercises. Exercises that seem exciting and alluring. Heck, I’m guilty of them sometimes too… after all, I did write a post on 30 burpee variations.

But here’s the thing… those crazy variations are nothing if you don’t have the fundamentals down solid.

Fundamentals are really all you need for seeing results. You don’t need insane amount of equipment or the ability to contort yourself in ways that just aren’t humanly possible.

Focus on the fundamentals and you can see the most amazing results ever! In fact, Dan and I have really been focusing this on our own workouts.

Pushing as hard as we possibly can with the basic moves.

What are the fundamentals? 

1. Squats

2. Push-ups

3. Lunges

4. Pull-ups (yes, everyone should work on these)

5. Running (if you can’t run, then any form of cardio that works for you)

All other moves are derived from these!



How focused are you during a workout? Are you one that zones out and reads or watching television? While sometimes that’s fine (hello treadmills), the other 98% of the time, it’s important to focus on the workout.

Dedicate yourself to the time you have! First rule of thumb, focus on the muscles that are working during each exercise. This is crucial as studies show it helps you to make each rep more efficient. Focus on a tight core, on the pull/push of the muscle group targeted and of course on your form.

Don’t bring distractions with you. Leave your phone in the car if you have to, but zone out everything else but the workout.

Which of the F-words do you feel you need to concentrate on a bit more? 

For me personally, it’s the ferocity!


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