The Hard Candy Gym Too Sweet For Most?

Madonna has opened doors to the first of what is expected to be of many luxury gyms. Hard Candy opened in Mexico City, and is loaded with Madonna themed artwork and designs.

Hard Body-Eye Candy Workouts

Apparently at the grande opening, Madonna chose 20 lucky visitors, and taught a dance class. That shows some initiative, but is it enough to charge members $160 a month? Not just that but expect to throw down over $800 the first month for sign-up fees, but this also includes the first two months of membership.

Guess how much I spend a year on my gym membership? The entire year I spend $840, and that is for me and my husband!

They say it’s worth it since Madonna may teach classes personally from time to time, my question is this: so, on the slight chance she might walk in one random day to teach a dance class I have to pay twice as much a month than what I do now? I think not.

It’s one thing if personal training or boot camps were covered in this, but for a standard gym, I am sure I could find a good Golds around the corner. But I do admire her for this new business venture, she is a fitness inspiration for a lot of women and if Hard Candy motivates them to workout then she is doing a good job.

In case you’re wondering, Hard Candy is meant to be a combo of “hard body” and “eye candy”. I think it works.but is it enough to make me leave my current gym (if Hard Candy were around the corner)? Ummm. NO.


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