Everybody knows Kelly Ripa, even if you don’t watch TV. Being a co-host with Regis for the longest time and now Michael Strahan, she is keeping the Live morning talk show going strong.

Over the last two years, she has really transformed her body. She use to be small and not very defined, but over the last year or two, she’s really sculpted her body, adding lean muscle mass, and from what she says, working a lot on her aerobic conditioning too.

The thing about it is there is no Kelly Ripa workout. She just does a combination of different forms of exercise while working on a good diet.

Here are 5 lessons you can learn from Kelly Ripa and new found health:

Lesson 1: It’s Never Too Late To Start

I read that she never worked out in her 20’s and when she got into her 30’s she figured that it was too late to start. But when she was getting exhausted just trying to play with her kids, she knew something had to change… and she made sure it did.

You are NEVER too old to start exercising!

Don’t ever think that it’s too late. In fact studies prove even starting to exercise in your 70’s carries life saving advantages. Not just physical advantages, but mental ones too.

Get started today and stop putting it off. Later will never come. Today is here and you can begin right now.

Lesson 2: Cardio And Lean Muscle Together

When Kelly started to workout, she seemed to do a lot of running. Running isn’t horrible although it can be tough on your body, but she really didn’t start to see great results until she added in some resistance training. Plus resistance training makes the body stronger so it can better withstand running impacts.

Most women start by just running. It’s the easiest form of exercise to do, plus you can do it anywhere. However, if you want to melt fat then you need both cardio and resistance training. The combination is key.

For example at Fit Women’s Weekly, I’ve created Circuit Style workouts which are heavy on cardio while you’re consistently working on resistance too. Add in some intervals on your off days and you’ll be burning fat 24/7.

Lesson 3: Have a Great Attitude About It

Kelly really wanted to change and her attitude from what I could tell was great. She looked forward to working out and eating right. It wasn’t something that got in the way of her day it was part of her life.

You need to make these small changes with working out and eating healthier part of your life.

Don’t look at them with discontent and hatred. Look at them with a smile on your face, like you’re going to have fun. After all exercise is supposed to replicated play and having fun anyway.

Sure, it will feel uncomfortable a little in the beginning, but that will soon end and you’ll feel new strength. Once that happens you’ll be addicted to working out to find out how far you can push your body.

Lesson 4: She Eats Well For Health

Kelly Ripa seems to really get it. Eating is about health and not about the quick jolt from sugar or sweets you get. She said she has eating healthy her whole life because she wants to keep her cholesterol levels low and her husband Mark has diabetes in the family.

Eating healthy is first and foremost about being healthy. The energy and cleansing feeling eating great foods gives you will make you feel so good. It will also keep you coming back for more. Plus when you learn to cook healthy, you’ll realize that healthy foods taste amazing.

The foods you may be used to eating now are masked by so many artificial ingredients. It can be shocking to see what real food tastes like.

Eat for health.

Lesson 5: Focus On The Good Not The Bad

You would think that Kelly never has insecurity issues, but she’s just like any other women. There are days when she looks in the mirror and doesn’t like what she sees. However, she said she concentrates on the good.

She’ll look in the mirror and feel blessed for having a body that is healthy and works great.

That’s what it’s all about. So many women these days get caught up in how the media portrays sexy and fit. What the media doesn’t tell you is how they completely alter what they think sexy and fit should look like so it can sell more magazines or get more website hits.

Even if you still have some belly fat or you’re not completely tight yet… you are sexy and fit. Being sexy and fit are a state of mine and exercise really helps to bring that out.

Be grateful for your body and for the process you’re going through to become healthier. Not only will it help you succeed, but it will get you out of the short term mentality that always pulls you back to square one.

The Kelly Ripa Workout Is The Healthy Living Habit

Kelly is always smiling. I hope she is like that behind closed doors. For some reason I can see that being the case. Learn from her attitudes about health, fitness, and nutrition. She’s a spunky smart woman who’s making a real impact in the world.

You can do the same. Maybe you may never get the national attention, but the impact you have at home is just as important… I think it’s more important!