The Long Run That Was Over Too Fast {Review}

Happy Friday! With mid-week holidays, I am all thrown off! But that doesn’t mean I am any less excited for today. I have a weekend of baking/cooking, coffee dates and running ahead of me. And now I have to find a new book (for running)!

I love to read before bed, but the problem is by time I crawl into my warm, cozy bed I am exhausted. I am lucky if I make it through 10 pages before Dan is making fun of me for my heavy eye lids and random head falls.

Because of that, I decided the best way for my to get my book fix would be to listen to audios… Audible to the rescue!

It’s not just my lack of awareness at night, but I also love listening to books while I run. And like I have mentioned before, I REALLY love listening to inspirational books about running while I run.

The Long Run Review

This month I chose to enjoy my workouts and pre-bed time by listening to The Long Run, by Matt Long.

The reviews all talked about the up and downs of this book, the inspiration that you can’t help but to receive, and the emotions that swell up from start to finish.


Normally I can make an audiobook last about 1-2 weeks. I really try to listen to it only when I am running and for a few minutes before bed.

This book? I was done in 4 days. I listened to it during workouts, while I was driving, cooking and any other time I had the opportunity to stick my headphones into my ears.

I wanted to know what was going to happen next, all the time!

What’s The Long Run About? 

Don’t worry, I am not a spoiler, so I won’t give a big spoiler alert warning.

Its the true story of Matt Long (see more on Matt in the video below), an New York City fire fighter and iron man athlete. During the 2005 transit strike, Matt was forced to find alternative transportation to get to training. His ride? His bike. As he was cruising along the New York roads he was suddenly run over by a passenger bus. Not hit… run over.

{image source}

The book talks about the physical and mental journey that Matt and his family took while on the road to recover (he had been given a less than 5% chance of survival).

How does an athlete, who ran a sub 3.15 marathon, who had dreams of competing in Kona, return to life after being told he will likely never walk again?

I’ll just say this, at the end of the book I may have had a tear or two coming down my cheek and I felt that if this guy could do what he did then I need to stop my whining and get down to business.

This was a great book to start my year off to help motivate me!

Now, each time I want to put something off for later, or don’t think I can accomplish a task, I simply can think of Matty Long and remind myself if he can do what he did, then I can do this!

And that my friends is all I have to say about that.

Read the book or listen to the audio. Either way you’ll be thankful you did! Then of course come back here and let me know what you thought!

What’s your favorite motivational book or movie?

You can check out Matt’s story in an interview he did with Jon Stewart!

You can find out more about Matt and his charity, I Will here.


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